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Apples, smoked ricotta and smokin' jazz

Caradonna Farms is bringing not one but THREE new varieties of apples to the market this week. Look for Koru apples, an accidental cross between a Fuji and a Braeburn apple, with characteristics of both, and Evercrisp, a cross between the Honeycrisp and Fuji, two apple titans. Both of these varieties pack a powerful crunch, balance tart and sweet and are slow to brown which makes them perfect for baking whole or in a deep-dish apple pie. They are also bringing Ruby Frost apples which only get sweeter as the weather gets colder. Go figure!

Noble Pies is experimenting with a new French/American apple pie. Being French/American, I was given an early sample and I heartily approve.

Mangalitsa by Mosefund will have their smoked ricotta from partner farm, Maplebrook Farm Dairy in Vermont. Lots of buzz about this ricotta since it made its debut last month.

Don't know what to do with it once you buy it? Stir it into pasta, layer it into your lasagna, whip it into your scrambled eggs or slather it on toast. The possibilities are endless but was able to narrow them down to a reasonable 20. Here's their list of 20 ways to cook with ricotta. I'm partial to #5: Lay out store-bought puff pastry, slather on some ricotta, and top with vegetables like leeks and carrots. I also like that the list includes an "eat out of the bowl with a spoon" option.

You know what would taste really good on smoked ricotta slathered onto pain de mie from Bien Cuit Bakery? A splash of Arlotta Food Studio's peach balsamic. Of course, that would taste good on just about anything.

The folks at Fort Hill Farm say this freakishly warm fall has made harvesting frost sensitive storage crops like sweet potatoes and butternut squash decidedly "drama-free".

What a nice change of pace for farmers who've had to harvest in some pretty tough conditions these past few years. Why not make some drama-free butternut squash and bacon mac and cheese this weekend? Or do what Jamie Oliver does with butternut squash and keep it simple.

Springbrook Hollow Distillery and Hillrock Estate are both here to make sure your bar is stocked for the cooler temps. And REFILLERY is here again this week to keep us all on your sustainability toes.

And with the Richard Cortez Jazz Band in the house, those toes are sure to be tapping...

See you at the market!

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