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And they're off!

The school year is officially underway. ‘Tis the season of soccer cleats piled by the front door, endless permission slips to sign, school book fairs, college visits, lunches to pack, and so much more. You’ve got a lot on your plates, but we’re here to help simplify and de-stress your lives. Make the market a one-stop shop for everything your busy family needs.

Want to win the lunch box game? Bien Cuit’s Health Loaf is a great way to start a yummy sandwich. Add greens from Obercreek Farm, a slab of Gossamer (cow milk) cheese from Second Mouse Cheese, slather on some Green Goddess hummus from AYA Hummus, top with sliced crisp Jona Gold apples from Caradonna Farm, and drizzle with honey from Hudson River Apiaries. Tuck a bottle of Fairy Juice Bar’s freshly pressed Emerald Bliss juice into the kiddo’s lunchbox and zip it up! If you're feeling especially benevolent, you may include some decadently delicious dark-chocolate dipped candied orange peels from Marcelina Orange. (Yes, she’s back!). Or, you may choose to keep those for yourself. We’re not judging!

Busy days can lead to that harried, “what in the world will we have for dinner?” feeling. Here’s a simple fix: pick up your favorite pasta from La Trafila Pasta and hearty mushrooms from Four Wall Farm to create this scrumptious Mushrooms with Pasta and Arugula. And if you’re feeling swept-off-your-feet busy, be sure to pick up a few bottles of Annie’s Ginger Elixir. Even a small glass daily will help tame those start-of-the-school year sniffles.

All manner of eggplant is showing up in market bins! Whimsical fairy tale eggplants are farmers markets favorites; their tender skin means they don’t need to be peeled or salted before cooking. Try this Roasted Fairy Tale Eggplants and Miniature Tomatoes for a piquent side for grilled pork chops from R&M Farm.

Not even in the mood to cook? Again, we’ve got you covered! Villa Emilia Empanadas heat up for a quick and satisfying dinner. Ditto a savory quiche from Noble Pies. Their luscious and aromatic heirloom tomato tart tastes exactly like “end of summer” in a flaky crust. Did you know that DoughCo Bagels now also offers tubs of cream cheese to accompany their super-fresh bagels?

If you need something with which to unwind in the evening, may we recommend a Black Walnut Manhattan? Cooper’s Daughter black walnut bourbon is simply the best, smooth and velvety. Add sweet vermouth and a few dashes of black walnut bitters. Sip, relax, repeat!

Please be advised that Matt, our favorite knife sharpener, is still recovering from hand surgery and so will not be able to come to Saturday’s market as he'd hoped. We’ll keep you posted on his return.

Last week’s market was packed and had such a lovely vibe with friends,neighbors and yes, dogs, reconnecting after weeks away. Truly every market is a community event. This Saturday is extra-special because it’s Chappaqua’s Community Day! Please be advised that we will be moving the market to one of the parking bays in the lot to accommodate all the festivities.

See you at the market!

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