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A new hummus vendor and seeing yellow

With all the beautiful seasonal crudities available at the market it's impossible not to crave delicious hummus to go with them. We are lucky that some of our vendors have woven one or two hummus varieties into their repertoire (baba ganoush from Selek, beet hummus from Mrs. D's, edamame hummus from Momo Dressing) but we haven't had a dedicated hummus vendor in a long while.

Enter Jenny Fernandez who was worth the wait.

Fernandez, a health coach by trade and a hummus maker by drive, was just starting her cottage hummus business when the pandemic hit. She has spent the last few months beating all odds and bureaucracy to get her licensing, a certified kitchen, and, finally, an inspection so determined was she to get her hummus to the people! 

This Saturday marks her debut as a rotating vendor and she will be bringing several varieties including a sweet potato hummus topped with a spoonful of kale pesto and a coconut and turmeric hummus in addition to her immune-boosting hummus made with alkalizing greens such as spinach and arugula, herbs and spices.

Speaking of Arlotta Food Studio, we at the CFM would like to bid farewell to the lovely Susan Barjak who has been working at the CFM for Arlotta for many, many years. She's heading back to Australia soon (fingers crossed) where her children and dog are waiting for her and we couldn't be happier for them. Safe travels, Susan, and thank you for adding such warmth to our market community and for always being so gracious and kind.

Gracious and kind could also describe our new favorite coffee guy, Hector Castillo, but did you know that the young owner of Don Carvajal Cafe is also obsessed with sustainability? He brings all of his used coffee grounds to the Irvington Farmer's Market each week to compost them on site. He uses compostable paper coffee bags for his own beans. And now he is recycling the giant burlap sacs in which his beans are shipped into chic market bags. He will be selling them at the market for $25. (They make great book bags, too.)

In other good news, our market donated 235 pounds of market produce, fresh meat and bread to the Mt. Kisco Food Pantry last Saturday. Some of the food was donated by vendors but much of it was purchased thanks to your generous donations. We thank you.

See you at the market

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