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A new crab and lobster vendor drops anchor this week

Did the pandemic cancel your annual trip to Maine this summer?

Or are you just returning and wishing you could have stayed?

Either way, if you've got the lobster blues, we can help: The Dobbs Ferry Lobster Guys are joining the market with their fresh (and frozen) lobsters and crabs, caught 15-30 miles off the coast of Long Island. What's more, they are very reasonably priced, with live lobster going for roughly $8 a pound and Jonah crabs for a mere $2 each.

Broken Bow Brewery also happens to be here this week in case you are thinking of throwing a lobster bake. Here's a primer.

Neversink Spirits is also here if gin is more your "spill." 

It's the second Saturday in the month and that means that Aya Hummus will be bringing her interesting array of hummus dips as well as her tangy kale pesto. It also means that the knife sharpener is here to sharpen all of your kitchen knives and pruning shears. 

Our current "Covid-19" location is vast and perfect for safely separating vendors. However, we have no electricity in this lot, which is tough. This week, Don Carvajal Cafe hopes to plug into the knife sharpener's generator to offer freshly-ground beans and hot coffee as well, now that the season is turning. Stock up on beans!

And, alas, this might be the last week for white peaches at Caradonna Farms.

However, farmer Skye Caradonna says his grapes, both Concord and Candice varieties are crazy sweet this year. And they've just started picking honey crisp, sansa, ginger gold and golden supreme apples at the orchard. Both grapes and apples are the perfect pick-me-up during these oh so long first school days. 

Also perfect to cap a long day? This comforting roasted eggplant and sauteed greens lasagna from Food52. Most ingredients are available at the market NOW.

A word to the wise: Doc Pickle will not be here NEXT week because of Rosh Hashanah so plan your pickle purchases accordingly.

And, for those of you are wondering, Susan Barjak, longtime Chappaqua resident who has worked for Arlotta Food Studio for years, has (finally) landed safely in Sydney, Australia where she will soon be reunited with her dog and family. 

See you at the market! 

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