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Fall chowder, flower frost and belly-warming brandy

I just came back from a super quick trip to Boston for college visits with my daughter Mina. To my frustration, the day was too jam-packed for chowdah.

Naturally, the first thing I did when I got home was to thumb through chowder recipes so I can scratch that itch by making one over the weekend using Pura Vida Fish. I landed on two recipes. This recipe which leans toward tradition, and this blushing fish chowder strikes me as as a bit more autumnal, in color, at least.
 Either one is perfect for the crisp fall weekend ahead, served with a wedge of your favorite market miche (and how nice is it that you have to two marvelous miches to choose from every week at this market?)

We just got word from Mary Beth at Stars of the Meadow Flower Farm that a sudden early frost decimated her entire dahlia crop this week which, means she won't be returning this season. I am not sure what makes her sadder: the loss of the dahlias or the fact that she did not get to say a proper "goodbye" to her favorite shoppers! So, on behalf of Mary Beth: "Toodles and see you next spring!" We will miss seeing her gorgeous leggy blossoms at the entrance of the market and her stunning market bouquets.

Ever find yourself in the Orchards of Concklin tent this time of year trying to decide which apples to buy? Here's a handy chart that should help you understand their respective nuances, and, more importantly, which ones will work best with your Aunt Betty's recipe for apple pie which we hope you will be entering in the pie contest next week.  

Neversink Spirits is back with their line of apple and pear brandies – just in time for that nip in the air – made with local fruit right in Port Chester. They are also bringing their floral gin and small-batch bourbon, too.

Also, a lot of you missed the market last week because you were at the Book Fair in town. Lucky you, Finley's Wildflower Honey is back again this Saturday with his local honey - perfect to ward off allergies this time of year. I just added some to my cup of Jasmine tea and feel better already.

See you at the market!

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