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We're back at the train station

Updated: May 9, 2019

It’s May in New York and that means there will be plenty of rhubarb, radishes, asparagus and ramps at the market as well as leggy tulips plucked yesterday from the fields at Stars of the Meadow Farm deep in Ulster County.


We are so pleased to announce that the Orchards of Concklin will be returning to the market this year after a hiatus. The always affable Brian with the easy smile and quirky sense of humor will be back manning the ever-brimming fruit stand starting next week. (This week Peter will be filling in for him).

We are also pleased as punch and super proud to announce that Fort Hill Farm, of New Milford CT, will be joining our vendor ranks this year.  Farmers Rebecca Batchie and Paul Bucciaglia (dear friends of Simon at Sun Sprout Farm) will be offering the same stellar quality as Sun Sprout but a much wider variety with a crop plan that offers everything from cauliflower to watermelon and corn. Their prices are reasonable and they grow organically to boot. This is the large-scale produce vendor we’ve been waiting for. Please give them a warm Chappaqua welcome.


In addition to flowers and potted plants and starters (yes, the Garden Club is here this weekend) for the mom(s) in your life, consider a gift from C-LOS Carpentry for Mother’s Day. C-Los is a woodworker from Tarrytown NY who turns bare wood into gorgeous cheese and cutting boards, vases and whimsical trompos (tops). You can check out his merchandise in advance Carlos will be a regular vendor at the market this season.

Need a card with that gift? There will be a kids' card-making station at the market tomorrow.


Are you planning to avoid the crowds and preparing brunch at home on Sunday? Of course, you‘ll need plump eggs from Stone & Thistle or Letterbox (each farm has its “egg”camp) and some bacon and/or sausage from either farmer as well. Pick up Viennoiserie and Challah (or Monkey) bread from Wave Hill Breads or some fresh miche or baguette from Bien Cuit. (Top it with either rose strawberry jam from Anna Maria's or any cheese from McGrath Cheese Co. who will be soon be bringing yogurt to market.). Don't forget a dreamy lemon rosemary pound cake from Anke's Fit Kitchen.

If you blink you might miss Ms. D’s painterly beet hummus, made with local beets, chickpeas, Arlotta Food Studio olive oil and balsamic vinegar and garlic and Mediterranean spices. The color matches redbud blossoms at their peak. And it’s as exquisite on the tongue as it is on the eye. Did you know that our own Ms. D was featured in this month’s issue of Westchester Magazine? As if we needed her to become even more popular!


This year our market board has expanded and our new members and co-chairs are bringing a whole new energy to the table. For starters, the CFM Board is now a working board so you can expect to see them all working at the market to help improve your market experience. Look for them in their snazzy market t-shirts.

Also look for new vendors Kariba Farms (dried fruit and seasoned nuts); and our new vendor, Honeybrook Farm, from Pine Bush, NY, starting next week. Make sure to pick up a jar of meatless bolognese from another new vendor, Hudson Green. Instead of cream, oil, butter or meat, they use generous amounts of six vegetables plus walnuts to make a healthy and delicious sauce that captures that authentic Bolognese texture. Talk to the sauce maker, Marie, about interesting ways to use the sauce - beyond pasta.

As per tradition, our house band Milton will kick off the season for us and the Dough-Nation pizza truck will be spitting out market pies from its 800-degree wood-burning oven. No doubt, Rob, our jocular pizza maker, will be using the ramps (wild leeks) that grow, er, rampant on Stone & Thistle farm.

Our favorite cooking demo chef Marti Wolfson will be preparing a spring quinoa pilaf with asparagus, radishes and ramps. 

And don't forget to bring your reusable bags and your dogs, always welcome at the CFM. 

Come for the food and stay for the fun. We've missed you and are looking forward to spending our next 29 Saturdays with you.


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