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Things are looking up!

I love it when I come across a recipe with an ingredient list that is farmer's market friendly. This week's NYT's recipe for chile-roasted chicken with honey and feta, for instance.

Premier Pastures has plenty of chicken and while SOVA Farm won't be bringing their chicken for another couple of weeks, they can certainly help you out with their honey offerings and feta cheese from Painted Goat Farm. They make four types of honey at their Norwich Farm: Wildflower, Clover, Buckwheat & Raw. While you're there, make sure to pick up some creamery butter, milk and buttermilk from Kriemhild Dairy which they also sell.

Hodgins Harvest is here this week with their beautiful culinary mushrooms. If you are tired of sautéing your champignons with garlic and parsley, as the French do, toss them instead in a delicious green curry as in this tasty recipe from Bon Appetit.

Nutmeg Bakery will be bringing a bevy of crostatas, pies, and other baked goods. They will be alternating with Noble Pies. They keep adding new items to their repertoire. Have you tried their overnight oats with berries? So delicious and such a perfect way to kickstart the day.

Feel free to enjoy them at the market as we are now allowing eating (and sampling!) at the farmer's market as restrictions loosen up.

In accordance with the Governor's latest Covid safety protocols, we are no longer requiring masks at the market for shoppers who are fully vaccinated (two weeks out from your second shot). That being said, we are going to reserve the first half hour of the market for shoppers who prefer to continue wearing a mask. We ask that you please wear a mask from 8:30 to 9 a.m. during which time our vendors will also be required to wear a mask to accommodate our most vulnerable shoppers.

These rapidly changing protocols are difficult to navigate but we feel this is a good option that allows for all to feel safe and comfortable on our market plaza. If you are vaccinated and would like to shop mask-free, please come after 9 a.m. Thank you and please continue to maintain a safe distance from other shoppers.

These rapidly changing protocols are difficult to navigate but we feel this is a good option that allows for all to feel safe and comfortable on our market plaza. Please continue to maintain social distancing.

These new protocols call for a celebration. And what better way to celebrate than with a cocktail made with Neversink Gin? Here's what Food & Wine had to say about this botanical gin which is made with local apples:

"Neversink is not only notable for its hints of apple-pie spices and licorice, it's also based entirely on upstate NY apples. The apple base results in a totally unique spirit, lush and full in the mouth, and a distinctly apple-y finish.."

We've been using Neversink in our Aviation cocktails at home and they've been quite the hit.


1 ½ oz Neversink Gin

¾ fresh lemon juice

½ oz Maraschino Liqueur

¼ oz Creme de Violette

Shaken well, strained in coupe glass

Garnish with lemon twist

Please make sure to pick up a Poke Bowl this Saturday from the Poke Motion food truck. Take a few home for lunch and to see which one's your fave.

Lucky for us, MaryBeth, of Stars of the Meadow, a one-acre woman-powered flower farm in Accord, NY, loves to take pictures in her fields. It looks like more head-turning tulips this week. Her peonies have yet to pop...but soon, she says.

See you at the market!

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