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The very versatile Kebab

How is it Labor Day already? Just when we were getting comfortable with small, socially- distanced gatherings in the back yard, the temps have dropped and nights call for more than a top sheet. Still, I plan to eke out every bit of safe summer entertaining as I can. 

Skewers on the grill are always easy and fun, and allow for interesting combinations.

They also are great for showcasing all the "nightshades" at the market right now. Plus, everyone gets their own skewer (s) rather than sharing from a communal dish. Win Win.

This recipe is all about eggplant and is a perfect option for the vegetarian joining in the crowd. You can also try grilling chunks of fennel or cauliflower with red onion, which would go great with either meat or fish kebabs.

Since Selek is back this week, why not make some kofta kebabs and grab some of his delicious Tandoor pita bread and herb salads to serve on the side? At some point this weekend I will make these grilled scallop skewers with herb oil from Bon Appetit. Short on time? Use one of Arlotta's herb-infused oils.

Don't forget to look out for The Misshapened Bowl this week. Charles now comes on the first Saturday of every month. Charles is in his 80s and at first, was reluctant to sell at a market given the high-risk group he is in. But he says that with all of our protocols and signage in place, he feels very safe being a vendor at the Chappaqua Farmers Market. That's music to our ears, of course.

Speaking of ears, this may be the last week for corn, so "stalk" up! 

Incidentally, La Petite Occasion and Noble Pies are both here to ease the transition into September.

See you at the market!

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