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Summer's Explosion of Color

One of the many things to love about summer markets is the explosion of color. From golden bright red radishes to deep purple plums, all hues and shades can be found in the farmers baskets and tables. Rainbow carrots are exceptional for the variety of color in one bunch.

Fort Hill has bushels of these beauties to be used in dishes that showcase the beautiful hues. Do nothing to them and serve on a platter alongside Hamov Eh’s roasted pepper, parsley & tahini, and walnut date dips. Or toss with olive oil and season with freshly cracked pepper and salt to roast in the oven. You can even use grated rainbow carrots in baking, so pull out the Kitchen Aid and whip up a rainbow carrot cake! 

Is your grill already in use? Then turn it to low and throw together this quick dressing from the New York Times. After grilling the rainbow carrots for 20-25 minutes, coat and serve them alongside a grilled steak or over a bowl of greens and grains. 

Want to serve the carrots raw? Check out this picnic salad recipe which makes use of the tops for pesto for a zero waste experience. 

Speaking of zero waste, the Refillery Shop visits again with their sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics. Pick up some Halo covers to use in place of Saran wrap and using them gives you the added bonus of keeping the bugs away from your patio table. You can also pick up an array of sustainable kitchen and personal care solutions like dish soap, un-paper towels, cleaning, face cream and more. 


Lounging by the pool on Saturday or heading out for a picnic? Anthi's is our food truck this Saturday, serving up farm-to-table Greek fare like pasture-raised lamb platters and market beet salad that make for an easy and delicious lunch. 

The Richard Cortez Band plays in our music tent. See you at the Market! 

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