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Squash, Corn, Sangria!

Local corn always hits the markets just at the midpoint of summer, usually when I'm taking stock. Have I spent enough time in the water? Have I seen enough fireflies? Gone on enough picnics? The answer to all of these questions is usually "no." But then I find solace in those market piles of sweet, local corn. Summer on a cob. 

Nothing tastes better than just-picked corn. Sadly, corn starts to lose its sweetness the very moment it’s harvested so, whenever possible, try to eat your corn on the same day you buy it. 

News flash! You don't have to peel back the husks of the corn at the market to see if you're getting a quality cob. Doing so will dry out the cob entirely, spoiling it for the shoppers who come after you. You can easily spot a beautiful piece of corn by how full and heavy it is, and by its tightly-wrapped green husk and glossy silk.

If you want to eat your kernels off cob, simply lay a shucked ear on your cutting board, then use a sharp knife to peel off a strip of kernels. This will create a flat side to your cob. Roll the cob onto that flat side and continue to skim those kernels off until you’ve worked your way around. 

Remove the kernels from grilled corn in much the same way to make this "no brainer" grilled corn salad. I love the laissez-faire versatility of this salad...corn is the inspiration and everything else (acid, nuts, greens, cheese) is interchangeable. Feta cheese (Sova Farm sells Painted Goat feta) works just as well as cotija cheese. 

This recipe for grilled corn salad with hot honey lime dressing is a bit more exacting. The payoff is bright and light and pairs beautifully with traditional bbq. 

Expect a flotilla of zucchini/summer squash at the market as well. You might be tired of putting them on skewers or making ratatouille. Why not appeal to zucchini's sweet side with this olive oil & zucchini quick bread? We're not big cinnamon fans in our family (it's a French thing) so we traded it for ground ginger in this recipe with very happy results.

I'm always struggling to make sure my vegetarian daughters don't feel "gypped" when we're grilling steaks or chicken. Enter this recipe for grilled patty pan squash "steaks" with their accompanying Italian salsa verde which makes them feel extra special. Very pretty Patty Pan squash were spotted at Black Creek Farm last week!

Sova Farms got a nice phone call at the market last week, letting them know that they've just been certified "Real Organic" by the Real Organic Project, a group of organic farmers from around the country who want to differentiate themselves from big corporate farms that, they believe, have "abused" the word organic.

Please take a look at the ROP website if you want more information. 

A little note about Covid since it's been a while. As you know, we continue to ask that everyone wear a mask during the first half hour of the market so that anyone who is vulnerable, for any reason, can come and shop in peace. It's a small price to pay for our fellow neighbors. Our market is all about creating and celebrating community. In that spirit we ask that if you are not vaccinated, please wear a mask whenever you're at the market. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

The pandemic has hit some harder than others. Please contribute to our "gleaning" jar at the market entrance before or after your shop.  We use your donations to purchase market produce and proteins which we then distribute to the Mt. Kisco Food Pantry. We appreciate your generosity. 

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