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So many things to look forward to at the market

First and foremost, our favorite healthy cooking demo chef, Marti Wolfson, is back. It's been a while. So long, in fact, that her daughter, Olive, is now her sous-chef/demo assistant.

Marti, a Chappaqua resident, will be preparing her super delicious, immune-boosting Broccoli, Leek and Potato soup and using ingredients from our very own produce bins, of course. She will be sampling and if you like what you taste, the recipe will be at the table so you can make this at home any night of the week.

The recipe can be found in her new Cooking Companions Fall Collection, 14 one-hour cooking classes, with menus that span a wide range of flavors and cultures. Each class includes multiple recipes, shopping lists, and prep lists. The classes are taught by chefs from Wyoming to India.

Noble Pies is bringing back their French Apple Pie, a twist on the all-American classic.

“We know it sounds odd”, says Leslie Noble, “but it’s honestly one of our all time favorites.” Imagine their classic, rustic apple pie with raisins and sour cream added to the mix. The idea came to them when a pie fan and friend described a particular pie he had enjoyed while traveling through Europe and that he couldn't get out of his mind. They decided to recreate it for him based on his loose description. Hence the French Apple Pie was born.

They are also bringing a sausage and squash pie made with sausage from Sweetmans Farm and a variety of squash from our own organic farmers. And a quiche made with Raclette cheese (now that's French) and hen of the woods and Oyster mushrooms they grow themselves. And, because tis that season, they will also have their Apple Maple scones.

Have you thought about what you're making for your Rosh Hashanah meal?

How about this sweet and spicy roast chicken with dates and warm spices?

Or this uber flavorful pot roast brisket with harissa. Either one would cozy up nicely to this tahini-smothered charred cabbage side dish.

Make sure to keep your dessert seasonal. This olive oil plum cake would cap your feast quite nicely. And it's oh so pretty.

Speaking of pretty...our favorite flower farmer, Marybeth, is back with her first buckets of dazzling dahlias – the true stars of any meadow. The drought this summer really delayed their arrival so grab them while you can. The perfect finishing flourish for your holiday table.

And since this is a chance for new beginnings, consider going through your closets between now and this weekend and bring your clothing and household linens to the Green Tree Recycling Bin. Every little bit counts!

Does your toddler need something special to wear for the upcoming holidays? Do you need to up your apron game? Zstudio Zsa Zsa will be here this week. Leah's dresses and aprons made with vintage tea towels and produce prints are all one-of-a-kind and irresistible.

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