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Salads, salads, salads and slings

Take a little break from your oven and cooktop this week’s sweltering heat and become one with your salad bowl. Get inspired by the gorgeous organic herbs and produce at Fresh Meadow Farms. Their string beans are coming in. The tomatoes are already here. Why not make this enticing salad that tosses the two together and brings in chickpeas, feta (get some at the Sova Farm tent) and dill.

Fresh Meadow also has their first organic, non-GMO corn of the season. The corn fields really needed this week’s rain (ok, maybe it didn't have to be so epic) and so there should be plenty to go around. Still, I'd show up early for organic corn to make this grilled corn and avocado salad with feta dressing.

Cucumbers are cooling, there’s no doubt about it. This classic recipe pairing cucumbers and sour cream (or yogurt) makes for a refreshing light summer supper or lunch.

If you must turn on your stove once this week, celebrate the fairy tale eggplants at the market by making this recipe and serving it with a classic little green salad and a crisp glass of rose – or Champagne Om Kombucha. Fairy tale eggplants taste particularly great on the grill and eaten at room temperature or over a bed of greens, or farro, the next day. This recipe tells you how to grill them just right. Use Arlotta’s Rosemary Oil to infuse extra flavor!

Don’t forget to tuck fresh herbs in your cocktails! Neversink Spirits is coming so get some fresh rosemary for your gin slings or some thyme for this blackberry thyme gin and tonic.

Blondery returns with their exquisite blondies. Did you know that Auzerais will soon be opening a shop in Peekskill? We are so excited for her success.

See you at the market!

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