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Fun with food and food with fun

Fun and festive: That’s how both vendors and shoppers are describing our market, which has a whole new energy just one month into our new season.

Air quality permitting, we’ve definitely got lots of fun in store for kids, including a story time hour that begins at 10:30, courtesy of the Chappaqua Library, as well as Bubble Dad (creator of Gargantuan, amorphous and diaphanous bubbles) always a hit, courtesy of Sari Shaw at Compass. Thanks, Sari!

But, great grub is the main reason you flock to the market and there will be plenty of it this week which marks the return of Aya Hummus and Plantidote, who both come once a month on the second Saturday.

For those of you who are new to the market, Jenny Fernandez creates gorgeous, creamy and unusual hummus varieties with no preservatives or additives while sourcing local produce, herbs and spices when seasonally available. Her aim, always, is to “fuel well-being and make you smile.” Have you tried her Sonrisa flavor? It's made with chickpeas, olive oil, roasted jalapeño and poblano peppers...lime juice and roasted garlic, too. The roasting makes all the difference.

Danielle has redefined the veggie burger so it feels like a privilege not a substitute. She packs her patties with real protein, like red lentils, chickpeas, kelp and garlic real protein, like chickpeas and , not “Frankenfood.” Of course, if you're craving meat...head over to R&M Farm where Ryan, the actual farmer, loves nothing more than to talk about his cuts of beef and pork and chicken. Ditto for the folks at Goode & Local by Don Rodrigo, purveyors of Iberian pork raised in NJ. SOVA Farm can help you with all things chicken, award-winning eggs...and goat cheese, too! Goode & Local’s bacon has quickly become a “thing.” I see shoppers come to the market and make a beeline for it lest they run out. Though we have terrific eggs at the market, don’t limit your bacon intake to breakfast – especially this bacon. Try this spicy clam pasta with bacon peas and basil. Speaking of basil... I tried a basil cosmo the other day at our local bistro, Boro 6, in Hastings. The bartender doused it with a slick of quality olive oil. It was delicious, but all I could think of was how much better it would taste with some of Arlotta’s basil-infused olive oil.

Just as this honey lemon olive oil cake would benefit from the extra lemon boost of Arlotta’s lemon-infused olive oil. Hudson River Apiaries is back this week so ask Dina which honey she would recommend for this cake which would be the perfect thing to serve at a graduation gathering. Their wildflower or clover honey seems made for White Pine's Community Farm aromatic herbal organic teas. This is a time of year for gift-giving so pick up some of Marcelina Orange’s marmalade or chocolate-covered orange peels for that favorite teacher or the friendly guard at the crosswalk. Of course, flowers are always nice. For flower farmers, there is a bit of a lull between tulip and peony season and the wave of summer field flowers. This is the time to buy dahlia plugs from Stars of the Meadow. Check out her beautiful Cafe au Lait variety.

The knife sharpener will be here just in time for late spring pruning. It’s been months since he’s been here so I imagine you will have lots of dull shears, scissors and knives to keep him busy. Do yourself a favor...set them aside now and tuck them in your car so you don’t forget on Saturday in your rush to get to the market! Once you get to the market we hope you’ll linger because we have the Leila’s Empanadas truck coming. Stop by the Electric Vehicle Show near the TIOLI shed, before or after your market shop. More than a dozen models of EVs will be on display. Learn more about options, incentives, and charging, and speak directly with EV owners to gain insight about the complete EV experience. See you at the market!

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